Fresh flowers in the house

 What could be better than flowers? They smell delicious, bloom beautifully and create such a pleasant atmosphere that you don’t want to leave them. Let's talk about how to use colors to transform the space and make it more harmonious and comfortable.

In the modern world, all styles have become more eclectic. Nowhere you will find a complete interior in the Empire or high-tech style. Now, if you mix these styles, you get some avant-garde that can be created by turning on the creative imagination. You can easily create your own avant-garde cozy corner by using flowers as decoration.local florist Minsk

For example, if you want to create a high-tech interior with details or decor from African countries, you will need laconic white walls. And also parquet floors and wooden or rattan furniture and decor. Flowers can become a kind of curtain for a window. The morning sun will break through the thickets of foliage. Plants such as bamboo, house palms, ficuses are suitable. Harmoniously spaced by the window, they will be able to receive enough light for growth. If this is too eclectic for you, then you can create a mix of styles such as French and English. It is enough to take the materials wood and metal as a basis. A large loggia window will be very out of place here. The floor, walls are made of laminate and wood panels, solid oak furniture, cast iron tables and chairs with soft pastel flower ottomans. Your loggia can become a kind of "space for reflection." It is enough to put a table and chairs made of forged metal with monograms there. Flowers look great on the table: violets, roses, peonies, lilies. In addition, the light, reflected from the flowers, will bring some romance and mystery to the atmosphere of the room. Order flowers delivery to Miozhno from local florist

With the help of tall houseplants, you can correct corners, close uneven walls or radiators, fill in empty space, or simply create the effect of an elongated or round room. In addition, plants are pleasant not only for their appearance. They also affect health: their color is beneficial for vision, the oxygen they release is for the lungs.

There is no need to be afraid of flowers, it is enough just to read the annotation on their care and location in the house before purchasing any plant, then they will not only delight you, but also protect you from the negative influence of an aggressive environment.