Payment methods

1. Cash to the courier

To place an order in Minsk, select the "cash to courier" payment method in the shopping cart, if you have any suggestions, specify them in the "Comments" section when filling in the data about the customer and recipient. Within the Moscow Ring Road, the courier leaves for FREE to accept payment. If you have a ROZA discount card.BY, indicate this in the comments.

2. Bank card payment online

You can pay for flower delivery by Visa and Mastercard bank card, UnionPay, and we also accept Belcard, Mir. To do this, select payment by "bank card" in the shopping cart menu. You will be taken to the page of the online payment service, where you can make a payment from anywhere in the world. The bank card can be in any currency. Online payment, instant transfer. In the shopping cart, select "pay by bank card" . Read more here.

3. Payment via ERIP

Place an order through the website's shopping cart and get the order number. You can pay at any bank, via Internet banking, in an infokiosk, via mobile banking, ATM, etc. Read more here. Before paying via ERIP, check the availability of flowers, and the possibility of delivery because a refund of funds paid through ERIP is not possible.

4. In installments by installment card Halva, Magnet, Shopping card, Turtle 

You can pay online in installments for a bouquet of flowers with halva installment cards, a shopping card, a turtle, a magnet. For online payment via the website with a halva card, select "pay with a halva installment card" in the basket menu. To pay by card, purchase card - choose "pay by bank card". When paying with a turtle and magnet card, choose the top line. You will be taken to the page of the Internet payment service, where you can make a payment. Online payment, instant transfer. The installment period on the halva card when paying for flowers is 2 months, the magnet, the shopping card is 3 months, the turtle is 8 months.

According to Priorbank credit cards, payment for flowers can be transferred in installments for 3 months.

5. Samsung pay and Apple pay

We accept samsung pay and apple pay for payment. For online payment, select the top menu item.

6. Paypal

We issue an invoice for payment via paypal. In the shopping cart, when placing an order, select "send order" and specify "payment via paypal" in the comments.

7. Yu money (Yandex Money)

Payment is made through the shopping cart of the site. If you don't have a wallet, you can top up our wallet in all Russian banks, communication salons or through terminals. To get the details for replenishment from us, place an order through the shopping cart, write in the comments - replenishment of the Yandex Money wallet and click "send".

8. Cashless payment

To pay for an order by bank transfer, you need to send an application for flower delivery and the details of your company to e-mail , to form a contract and an invoice for payment. For one-time contracts, the minimum order amount is from 60 rubles.

Minsk time +03.00 GMT.


Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. How do I pay for the order with a bank card / electronic money

Choose a bouquet and add it to the basket, if necessary, choose a vase, a postcard, etc. in addition to the bouquet, and also add it to the basket. After the selection is over, go to the shopping cart (in the upper right corner of the site). Fill out the order form and choose the payment method. Then click "continue", check the entered data and click "pay". You get to the page of the payment system, where you fill in all the necessary fields and make a payment. Money is transferred instantly and we immediately see your order and payment. Payment is made in Belarusian rubles, the remaining prices are given for the convenience of the client.

2.How to pay for the order of flowers from Russia?

From Russia, it is possible to pay for the order only with a mir bank card. Other options don't work.

3. Are bank card payments safe?

Bank card payments are safe, because they pass through a secure channel through the Webpay and Belassist payment system. The card details are not entered in the online store, in case of payment, you are redirected to the authorization pages for subsequent entry of the card details using the Verified By Visa and/or MasterCard SecureCode methods. Access to authorization pages is carried out via TLS protocols. We value your safety and work only with trusted partners. The refund is made to the card from which the payment was made.

4. Refund of funds.

If you decide to cancel the order, we can return the money to the bank card from which the payment was made only until we have collected the bouquet. Refund of funds when paying via ERIP is not possible.

After making a payment using a bank card, it is necessary to save the received card receipts (payment confirmations received by e-mail) for reconciliation with an extract from the card account (in order to confirm the operations performed in case of disputes)