Care of cut flowers, bouquets

The cut flowers needs proper care

Agree, it is pleasant to receive flowers at any time of the year, because fresh flowers help to express any emotions and experiences. But in order to prolong the life of this beauty, we advise you not to forget about the rules of care for cut flowers. So, let's start with roses – luxurious flowers with a very capricious "disposition", that is, there should be no other flowers in the vase together with roses. First of all, thorns and excess leaves should be removed from the stems of roses, and the stem should be cut obliquely (an oblique cut of the stem increases the suction surface). As a rule, in wet moss or water, roses look fresh for ten days, but if they start to fade quickly, it's not a problem. Update the slices on the stems of fading roses and add vodka in the ratio of a tablespoon of vodka to seven hundred to eight hundred milliliters of water. Such a solution allows you to expand the vessels of the stems, improves water absorption and disinfects water, or add a long life oasis for cut flowers.